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The Course Pack – including the Treatment Support Products essential for Hyaluronic Layering – allows for a series of six infusions. After six weeks the skin will look and feel smoother, fine lines and wrinkles visibly soften and your skin will glow with
renewed firmness an a visible lift. Maintain this positive change with a Rejuvenate Infusion every four to six weeks.


Rejuvenate Eye Mask

A gorgeous moisture rich eye treatment that specifically targets fine lines, dark circles, puffiness and stressed skin. Hydolysed plant proteins helps to soothe and tighten tired, overworked eyes. Rejuvenates, brightens and tightens the delicate under eye contour. Aids in the reduction of dehydration lines.

• Targets fine dehydration lines under the eye contourx
• Provides a refreshing boost to awaken tired eyes
• Aids in the diminishing of dark circles and puffiness





Rejuvenate Lip Mask

This moisture rich mask helps to define the lip line, providing a full and rich natural colour. Super hydrators Hyaluronic Acid and brown algae provide a burst of hydration to improve the appearance of fine lines, promoting a soft texture to the lips and skin surrounding the mouth.

Hydrate – Smooth – Plump






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